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Understanding and Responding to Learner Needs

Understanding and Responding to Learner Needs
As your training event progresses, you'll begin to receive feedback from learners. To provide the best service possible, be aware of these queues and address learners' needs promptly.

Body language and facial expressions can provide clues for determining learners' needs for clarification. Watch for signs of frustration, confusion, resistance, and apathy. Does anyone have a puzzled look on their face? Has anyone chosen not to participate in hands-on activities or discussions?

If you identify a possible need for clarification, confirm your hunch. You can ask the group or selected individuals how they're feeling about the pace and the clarity of the event. You can also observe learners' progress during practice activities.

How and when you respond will vary. If the entire group appears to be having difficulty, you might want to stop, verify this feedback, and then clarify the material immediately. If a single individual is having difficulty, you might want to assign a practice activity, observe the individual who might be having trouble, and then quietly approach them and work through the activity with them, clarifying the material as needed.
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