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Providing Additional Encouragement

Providing Additional Encouragement
Providing positive and constructive feedback is an affirmative way to encourage learners and to let them know they're on the right track. It instills confidence and inspires learners to strive even further for their goals.

Guidelines for providing feedback

Provide feedback that's timely and specific to learners' needs, so that they can apply it in subsequent learning to improve their performance. When giving feedback, be careful of your wording. You're assessing the work, not the learner. Make sure your words indicate this. Your feedback should also foster independence. It should lead learners to be capable of assessing their own work in the future. Your feedback should also be specific, so that it's clearly linked to the learning objectives.

In addition to providing feedback to learners, you should also encourage feedback on the adequacy of your responses to learners' needs. Ask if you've answered a question sufficiently. If not, verify that you understand the question and clarify your explanation.
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